We learn the tech first. Then we think about the marketing.
If an agency ever had an Open Source model, we would be it!

Tech Marketers Playbook

Tech marketers are a different breed. We mostly work in a highly specialised B2B environment and the way we monitor conversions differ from player to player. We understand that a SaaS signup may differ from your enterprise cloud sign up and that your conversion rate might depend on what you do within the first 7 days or the account based marketing you do during the mid part of the funnel.

If our products are very different to each other, then why shouldn’t our marketing be?

We wrote this playbook (didn’t call it a white paper because why be generic eh?) for tech marketers so that we could inspire some of you and of course, make this a conversation point when our path cross oneday.

Who we are:

We are a hybrid between an open source company integrated with lean startup principles. We learn fast, fail fast and iterate faster just like a highly scalable piece of software. We also contribute to each other’s success and learn from each other not only by having open mailing threads internally but also by having deep tech learning sessions for our team. We are not a massive ‘agency’ but a bunch of guys who are passionate about tech and how to market it the right way to the right audience. We do tech STP (segmentation, targeting, positioning) right!

Who we work with currently

Whilst we cannot show you the momentous bits about the strategies we’ve formulated for our clients, we can definitely share you some of the shiny bits that helped them get there. And of course, behind every great campaign or strategy sits a great client and we thank you all!



We used to be clients at one point in our lives, employed by some of the best tech brands in the world such as Intuit, WSO2, Microsoft etc…We were experts in our own little roles in SaaS Marketing, IoT Marketing, Open Source Tech Marketing…However, we realised that our call was much bigger.

We were part of many agency pitches (being pitched to of course) and we have worked with some of the best global agencies whilst we were clients.

However, one thing we all realised was that no one spoke or understood the technology we were trying to market! Either there were some great creative ideas or there were some sporadic tech marketing ideas, however, there weren’t much of joined up thinking.

That’s when we realised that there was a void in the technology marketing space. Since we are all about the metrics that mattered, we called ourselves the Metric Makers.

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