The Keethings Story

Using content to bring about an IIOT 4.0 story

The objective:

With API’s becoming a mainstay in an enterprise’s API economy, the security aspect has become paramount, especially with API Security being listed in the OWASP top 10 list of threats. This niche tech segment needed specialised tech content and an SEO/SEM strategy that attracted the right audience at the right time.

Content Creation:

We created various technical as well as thought leadership content such as white papers, product videos, infographics and blog posts to help position 42Crunch as the cool vendor that they have been recognised for by Gartner. We also helped 42Crunch to become GDPR compliant by creating various privacy documentation onsite and also by streamlining some of the lead capturing methodologies.


Secured the 1st page in search results for EU and US for business critical keywords through a consolidated keyword approach.
CTRs on display (keyword based) was 2.1%
Overall, the campaigns hit 242k impressions, 3.3k clicks and 200+ conversions.